The LIVV Magic Your Next Home at Your Beck and Call

It nothing less than magic. Just imagine: a home that senses and anticipates your needs and adjusts to indoor and outdoor conditions. All that with the bare minimum of user input – if any at all.
The magic of a LIVV home stems from the judicious application of both artificial intelligence and machine learning. By analyzing individual habits and preferences, a LIVV home gets to know its occupants and their preferences. This data is stored onsite and used to dynamically adjust the home’s settings to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.
Long considered the holy grail of home automation, LIVV is the first company in the world to have successfully integrated disparate systems into a single coherent platform – a sort of master brain – that unfailingly manages all settings to perfection.
Thus far, stand-alone home automation components such as door and window openers, blinds and curtain, a/c, and entertainment systems responded – at best – to preprogrammed settings. However, the flummoxing era of VCR-like programming has long gone.
What LIVV managed to do – the elusive holy grail – is to make individual components aware of, and responsive to, each other’s existence and settings. The result is a harmonious system that operates smoothly and, perhaps most important of all, out of sight and perhaps even out of mind.
A LIVV home does its ‘thing’ quietly and on the fly. Thanks to machine learning, its performance also improves over time. Occupants are, of course, able to manually change settings. When that happens, AI kicks in to draw lessons and conclusion from that i.e., learning what the occupant prefers and storing that info for future reference.
LIVV intelligent homes have been designed with the future in mind. Thanks to its open architecture technologies and features not yet developed or conceived can easily be integrated through updates, thus ensuring that the LIVV homes stays not only up to date but keeps its leading edge as well.
The LIVV intelligent home is the culmination of years of research and development by some of the brightest minds in the industry. The company’s geeks and technologists have flocked to LIVV from around the world to work on the cutting edge of home intelligence. Teams in the US, Germany, and Lebanon work incessantly to deliver technology that, until recently, was the preserve of SF writers.